Look at her flawless face – who care about cancer research?!


no makeup selfie
Recently a selection of “ The Best No make-up Selfie” nominated a series of famous people as their photos of no makeup face win attention. While these celebrities’ flawless faces flood in media reports, does anyone still remember where did this trend come from? It was originally a donation campaign started by Cancer Research which aims to call for wide social involvements as well as fund raising. After being circulated among public figures, this activity goes viral on social media. It reminds me of the fever from last summer’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Both events have huge impact on social media and successfully raised a great amount of money for charity organisations.

One important factor for the success of these fund-raising campaigns was the participation of celebrities. Videos and photos of glamorous faces go around the social websites and stimulate wide interaction and dissemination. Meanwhile the potential risk need to be considered. The craze on social media will make the complicated development issue as simple as post a selfie and donate three pounds. After all, donation is only one part of aids for development issue (Driessens, Joye and Biltereyst, 2012; Brockington,2014). Therefore, the actual influence of these social media fund-raising storms need to be examined in multiple ways, not just by the amount of money they received.

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Look at her flawless face – who care about cancer research?!

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