The case of Angelina Jolie: a mixture of showbiz and personal life (3)

It is high time to have a discussion about the “Angelina Effect”. In most media coverage of Angelina Jolie relating with philanthropy, there is always a glamorous image of her attached with the story no matter what subject is about. As Cooper (2008) pointed out, she used her beauty as an aggressive tool to draw attention. Her wild history with drugs, tattoos and multiple marriages with celebrities makes her become an idol with rebellious spirit. And this may work to some extent. A spokesperson from the UN talked about Jolie’s unique influence among young generation: “ the people who find the UN boring–young people and teenagers who are not interested in refugee issues–adore Angelina Jolie.”(Cooper, 2008: 33)

This is what makes Angelina Jolie a classical case in studies of celebrity and charity. She blends her personal experience as a mother and an enthusiastic celebrity who adopted several kids from developing countries. When she attended Kids Choice Awards last month. All the reports used the photo showing her cuddling her adopted children. She also gave a speech to tell people “cause a little trouble, it’s good for you”, which perfectly proved her appeal as a rebelling star for youths. Just as Cooper (2008) indicated, the lines between public and private lives are blurred now in this celebrity culture era. As a result, Jolie’s showbiz career benefits from her role in philanthropy work.
Angelina-Jolie cuddling kids

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The case of Angelina Jolie: a mixture of showbiz and personal life (3)

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