The case of Angelina Jolie: a mixture of showbiz and personal life (2)

jolie smoke

On the other hand, some critics claimed what Jolie is doing contradicts to her wish for a longer life. It is said by Global’s editorial article that Jolie “smoke like a chimney and have no intention of quitting”. The article posed a question: are her efforts rendered null if she is still smoking? Although it won’t be fair to say quitting smoking could eliminate the risk of breast cancer, this another side of story does show a common problem of celebrity charity that someone does not always live up to one’s own words. It is true that Jolie was caught on camera smoking after earlier breast surgery last year, but this wasn’t reported by most media. This imbalance of reporting her bravery and ignoring indiscretion is noteworthy when we think about how media represent celebrity when it comes to public interest issue.

However, supporting voices argued that critics ignore the awareness celebrities like Jolie raise for the public. Previous activities about pink ribbons have reached wide influence on breast cancer prevention and control while ovarian cancer prevention campaigns do not have the same popularity. The article on Independent said no one raises awareness like Jolie and put a photo of her meeting with refugees as Special Envoy of UNHCR. It can be seen from the media coverage that discussions around ovarian cancer boosted after Jolie’s story.

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The case of Angelina Jolie: a mixture of showbiz and personal life (2)

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