The case of Angelina Jolie: a mixture of showbiz and personal life (1)

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie published a diary of hers on NewYork Times last month, which was about her experience and thoughts of cancer. She told her story of having her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to reduce the risk of disease. This was a following action of her previous surgery of bilateral breast removal two years ago. Both times she brought the subject into public eyes and became a focus of attention. The span of influence is significant from the amount of coverage in the media. Type “Angelina Jolie” and “cancer surgery” in Google News and we get hundreds of results. It is not just about Jolie herself but a hot issue in public sphere.
In general, the public and media demonstrated mixed attitudes. On the one hand, if we take relative news coverage from Huffington Post, Mirror and DailyMail as example, Jolie has received more positive comments including sympathy to her state, praise of her bravery and appeals for attention to charity work. Huffington Post put an article with healine “Angelina Jolie: Double Credit as a Role Model After Double Operations” to recognized her contribution of raising public awareness. Mirror revealed Jolie’s family history as 8 members died of cancer and herself gets 50% risk. DailyMail introduced a woman with same mutation after Jolie’s case and put an appeal video from UK charity The Eve Appeal in the end.
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The case of Angelina Jolie: a mixture of showbiz and personal life (1)

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