Promoting each other: UN and celebrity ambassadors

If we take a closer look at Orlando Bloom’s field trip, there is another noteworthy point on UNICEF website in which a press release introduced the story in an official perspective.
Orlando Bloom was identified as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in the title and his high profile background was stressed in the lead. Compared to the media report, this press release gave a bit more background information of anti-Ebola work in Liberia and attached a brief introduction of Bloom’s previous work as a Goodwill Ambassador. This combination of NGO and star becomes prevalent in today’s media representation. In fact, Cooper (2008) has studied on the close relationship between UN and celebrities and observed “a sense of mutual admiration that belie an image of two worlds apart”.
Like Bloom, many famous people take the role of Goodwill Ambassador to rebrand themselves and conform their behaviours to be in line with the expectation of this position. It is clear that UN is happy to see their activities are legitimized by star power. What these celebrities do is more like a representative on behalf of UN, but it is important to use their personalities and their influence to raise awareness or attract attention. This is to say, UN need someone who is more than just “good-looking” (Cooper, 2008). There has to be a match between what UN expects and what kind of rewards celebrities could receive.
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Promoting each other: UN and celebrity ambassadors

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