The Star and the locals

It seems Orlando Bloom’s visit to Liberia attracted wide attention in showbiz. Most relative news coverage of this field trip were reported by tabloids or entertainment websites. These reports, compared with the one by Huffington Post, are often more simplified. For instance, Mirror took a similar structure to Huffington Post but with shorter length and less details. It identified Orlando Bloom as one of his previous characters in films in the subtitles and portrayed the trip as a famous star visited “African country”. The caption for one of the pictures is “the star met the locals”. The language shows what Kapoor (2013) criticized as reinforcement of inequality. By highlighting the glamour of celebrity and what he did for the ordinaries, this comparison becomes part of the forces which recreate inequality and poverty (Kapoor, 2013).

The great bravery of Orlando’s visit to Ebola area was stressed in another news report . Being titled with “Brave Ebola Mission Is Acclaimed By Charity”, this story quoted words from NGO spokesman to emphasise the unusual action of “going to countries like Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone”. Calling this as a“dedication” makes the image of a dangerous world become more convincing. …

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The Star and the locals

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