Orlando Bloom finished Liberia trip as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador


Actor Orlando Bloom finished a four-day trip in Liberia this week. He met with local leaders, families and students and helped promoting anti-Ebola campaign as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. In the news report in The Huffington Post, this famous actor said that he hoped his visit could encourage local involvement in preventing more crisis. It seems that the star set an good example for doing the job as a celebrity ambassador.

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From the image Huffington Post used in the report, Orlando Bloom clearly washed his hands before entering the community school as a necessary step to prevent virus. In another picture, he was talking with a local family and his facial expression shows concern and patience. As a way to experience health workers’ daily routines, the actor put on their heavy outfits, then the newspaper quotes his feeling: I’m sweating so much right now.

All the pictures in news report send the message that this star was trying his best to listen, to communicate and to experience local community after a crisis.What the actor did at local community is one of the typical celebrities engagement with development issues, as Brockington(2014) identified, engaging and rewarding existing supporters at particular events. This looks nice for his fans and maybe for people who look for celebrity news. However, does it also suggest a over-simplistic message for people who care about medical workers or the local community who suffers for the aftermath of a crisis?

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Orlando Bloom finished Liberia trip as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

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