Why study on media coverage of celebrity involvement with charity?

It would be necessary to take a pause here to think with a broader insight: how significant of celebrity in media reports of charity issue and why should we study on it? I found some useful graphs in Brockington(2014)’s study as shown below:

figurefigure 2

It can be seen from Figure 2 that the proportion of articles about both charity and celebrity is growing. This is nothing but unsurprising for us. Yet Figure 3 shows a clearer vision of the relation between celebrity and charity. While the proportion of celebrity articles mentioning charity remains at a low level, the proportion of charity articles mentioning celebrity keep increasing. Brockington(2014) concluded it as charity industry has been hugely altered by celebrity culture but does not have equal impact on the latter. Why is that and what are the possible consequences of this trend in media discourse?

With regarding to last blog about an article review, dominant discourse of media often reinforces current narrative of an unequal world order. Rajagopal(2002) also pointed out that the media are a place where power exercises and reproduces itself. Celebrities as powerful group in society, often play a part in the reproduction of inequality although it seems to be the opposite in charity reports. Thus it is essential for us to keep this in mind before we start more cases.
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Why study on media coverage of celebrity involvement with charity?

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