Charity auction website: paying to meet stars with a good reason

An online charity auction website announced its official launch and running this Spring. Bidkind, claimed to be a platform that will redefine online auction entreprise and benefits nonprofits globally. Basically, it provides users opportunity to have real contact with celebrities by bidding up the highest price. “Buy Now” option is designed to secure the experience with famous people for users. More specificly, the press release explained how it works: either bigging with an opening price of $750 or donating $7500 to get the experience of guest meeting with “Fast & Furious 7” star and go car racing.

Akin to this example, the website gave a long list of celebrities for winner bidder in its press release. It deliberately uses the charisma of celebrity people to attract user’s participation. It has been mentioned in the article that previous experiences included backstage passes to meet film star Hugh Jackman and partying with Paris Hilton. In contrast, how the funds raised by auction will be spent was simply mentioned as benefiting amfAR or ADCAM. Will there be further tracing of the money? No one mentioned a single word.
In fact, critics have noticed the emergence of online auction charity sites. Another site Omaze functions as a raffle to sell tickets for users getting celebrity meeting experiences. It is obvious that both parties get what they want: rich fans spend money for a real contact with stars and charities get funded. Sounds like a good business.

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Charity auction website: paying to meet stars with a good reason

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