A Blog for Journalism

This is a personal blog for my course JNL6027 Journalism, Globalization and Development. It is dedicated to focus on the issue of poverty in media coverage(mainly in UK and U.S media) with regarding to celebrity charity culture and business.

It has been a trend for celebrities to get involved with humanitarian works and showing business for charity organisations. Charities benefit from halo effects and celebrities could also build their reputation as a kind of self-branding. But there are controversies and criticisms from case to case too (part of celebrity life, isn’t it?). It is arguable that whether these charity works are substantially promoted by famous people’s participation or it is rather a performance to receive undeserved fame. The point is, is there any real development in changing poverty with the show business?

From now on I will regularly put my comments or analysis of ongoing reports with referring to theories or literatures. Comments and feedbacks are always welcome:D

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A Blog for Journalism

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